Author Biographies

Robert is a well-educated author with certifications in Microcomputer Hardware & Software and Microcomputer Repair & Service. Currently, he works as a certified security screener at major metropolitan airport and runs two successful online shops, dealing with clothing, and, an electronics hub.

In a flourishing writing journey that spans several years now, Robert has written more than five books, the latest title being Have Water for Breakfast: Unlock the Incredible Benefits of Fasting to Heal Yourself from the Inside Out. Throughout the book, Robert focuses on fasting as one of the best practices to achieve healthy living. He brings out fasting as a vital ingredient in starting a long, healthy, and energetic life as it gives the body some time to undergo natural healing when the stomach is empty. Besides, he addresses the issue of gut infections that are the root cause of all stomach diseases and skillfully explores how fasting can stop these gut diseases through intermittent, dry and prolonged fasting.

Robert is an avid writer known for several other books like Before and After, which touches on a low-carb diet, Strategy for Successful Investor, an ultimate guide and eye-opener to investments, The Keys to Owning Your Mind: Your Subconscious Mind’s Power and The Keto Journey: The Ultimate Guide to the Keto Diet, all available on Amazon.

Currently, Robert lives in Southern California. When he is not tucked into his usually busy time schedules, he enjoys modifying his car, working out at the gym, working on his online store, researching and writing on health, fitness, action, adventure, and romance. He is passionate about drawing and illustrations, learning new writing skills, personal growth, simplifying life, and uplifting others.